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I want to personally thank every one of my clients for being in my chair along my journey as a stylist. It has been and still is a pleasure getting to know you.  I truly love what I do for my career.  Thank you for taking your time to let others know about me!

*The first time Kerri cut my hair was in near blizzard conditions. I had to work till 7:00, but she stayed at the salon late even went outside and found me when I got lost and gave me a GREAT haircut!! So wish I was in San Antonio because I am in need of a cut! I always felt "pretty" when I left her chair.
-Jennifer Jackson, dental hygienist

*Kerri has been styling my hair for 4 years now. I started with short, fried, frizzy, brassy looking hair. She is very knowledgeable on hair cutting techniques based on hair type and she is a color expert (she took my lifeless, dull box colored hair and brought it back to life) After a year of sticking with her and her styling my hair I had longer, healthier, beautiful hair, my new found confidence was something I had not experienced in 10 years! When she became certified in Keratin Treatment I decided to try that as well. PERFECT hair, I never thought I would be able to say that. No Frizz, no split ends, amazing color. Kerri is by far a master of her trade, she genuinely cares about her clients. After years of trying to find the right hair care professional, I found the number one, she is truly talented and I will forever trust her with my hair.

PS...She gives very relaxing scalp massages too!

                                   -Summer Burchell, nurse

*I first met Kerri Hernandez when I was searching for a hairdresser for my upcoming wedding. I loved that she listened to what I wanted and helped me to achieve the perfect color and style for my big day! To this day 2 years later she still does my hair - it looks great every time ... I definitely recommend Kerri for all things HAIR! She knows her stuff!

-Varuni Kumara, podiatrist

*When I first came to Kerri as a client, I had been to some of the most recommended stylists in the area. She gave me a comfortable feeling and a wonderful cut and color! Kerri was my stylist for the next ten years after that and never did I have a complaint! I miss her since she moved to San Antonio, my daughters (who went to her as well)  miss her..when you have the best hairstylist it is hard to let her go. She  is such a lovely lady. Miss her so much!

-            Ginger Leigh, artist        

*Kerri cut my hair, Bryan's hair and both my boys. We followed her as her client list grew and she moved to other salons until she left Michigan for Texas. I knew I could trust her to "do what she wanted with my hair" and I was never disappointed. She pushed us all to try something new and it always worked. We do miss having her as our stylist.

-Beth Ruddick, teacher

*The first time Kerri cut my hair I remember she was so friendly and honest with me about my hair.   She fixed what was wrong with the previous haircut I had from some previous stylist's mistake. I'm sure I've been going to Kerri for about 3 or 4 years now probably longer. She is the only person I can trust with my hair, and the first time I got highlights was by Kerri and I loved them! You're so awesome! Kerri!

-Vanessa Arredondo, receptionist

*Kerri started her hair career right away with a natural talent that was noticed by many people. From there she furthered her skills. When I would go to her, she would not just do what I thought may look good, she would take the time to assess me and  do what would be best for me considering face shape, hair texture, hair length, and how much "change" I wanted. She is very talented. 

                                -Rachel Lauraine, SAHM

*Kerri cut my hair for over a decade and I've spent the time since she left for Texas trying to find someone to replace her. Not only is she a very talented individual, she makes you feel comfortable and always does a great job. Choose her and you wont regret it.

                       -Brandon Ruddick, college student

*OK, so I have known and been a client of Kerri Hernandez for over 3 years and I LOVE her work! I have never been unsatisfied with it...and I am PICKY! I MUST have great hair because I am a host of a television show and Kerri Always takes great care of me. Not to mention, she is a beautiful person inside and well as FUN! I already scheduled my next hair appointment with her, woo-hoo!

-Kimberly Olivarez, "Zonido" host, Dance Studio manager

*I miss Kerri's awesome cuts and especially the wonderful scalp massage during the shampoo....Kerri was my stylist in Michigan for many years :-) San Antonian's should make her their stylist of choice!
-Sara VanDoornik,Office Manager

*Kerri cut my hair for most of my life. Never once did I have a complaint. She always managed to get my hair the way I wanted it. If she hadn't moved to Texas, I definitely would still be going to her. Plus, she gives the best scalp massages!

-Courtney Ruddick, College Student

*Kerri's talent is amazing! A perfect cut, really, every time for four years. Best 'guy' stylist in town and a delight to brighten your day, too. Do yourself a favor...

-Nick Anthony, owner Papouli's GreekGrill


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